Product Love and Care

Product Love and Care

FIRST SIN jewellery has been crafted using mixed metals, beads, semi precious stones, chain and other embellishments. Most of our jewellery components are put together by hand. Therefore, you will notice inconsistencies in the colour, size and pattern of the beads. We suggest you take the following steps to best care for your FIRST SIN product.

Each FIRST SIN fashion jewellery piece is delicate and if dropped, stones may fall out, embellishments may break and we cannot take responsibility for any breakages that occur through careless handling. Our metal pieces have been crafted using a variety of different metals; the components we use are all plated. Please take care when using personal care items such as perfume, moisturizer or hairspray as some metals can react to these items, which may result in the metals tarnishing. FIRST SIN recommends that your jewellery is always the last item that you put on when getting ready.

Always keep your FIRST SIN jewellery stored in a safe place, hang earrings on an earring stand when you are not using them, lay or hang necklaces flat and do not store your jewellery in contact with direct sunlight.

Damage from careless storage (including water damage) is not the responsibility of FIRST SIN.

Enjoy your FIRST SIN product purchase!