Tips on Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces can seem like an art form. You’ve got all the right pieces but getting them to work together in a layered fashion can take some practice. We've found 8 great layering style tips. 

Tip 1: Create a graduated effect. Layer delicate shorter necklaces at the top and graduate down to chunkier longer length necklaces. 

Graduated layered necklaces

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to layer oversized necklaces with dainty chains

Chunky chains and dainty chains layered

 Tip 3: To create a collared effect, layer chunky chains on top of each other.

Collared effect layered chunky chains

 Tip 4: Personalize it! Add initials or zodiac pendants to your layered look.

initial and zodiac pendants


Tip 5: Add a bohemian feel by adding coin disc necklaces.

coin necklaces


Tip 6: To add length to your look, add a lariat. 


Lariat Necklaces Layered

Tip 7: Go for a minimalist look by simply layering different styled chains at different lengths. 


Tip 8: If you want your layered look to stand out add some coloured gemstone pendants. 


source: who what wear



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